Jr. Rockerz in Columbia, MD

Jr. Rockerz

Your kids will experience one of life’s ultimate thrills: playing in a live band!

Rock Band Classes for Kids in Columbia, MD – ages 8-12

Exclusive to the Columbia Rock School, Jr. Rockerz is the nationally acclaimed program that teaches kids  how to play and write songs in the setting of a real rock band. Jr. Rockerz gets kids up and playing music as quickly as possible so they can experience how fun music is. If your child has no previous instrument or musical experience, this is the perfect way to introduce them to making music.

This unique music lesson program allows kids to be playing as a rock band in just one rehearsal. ​We’re able to accomplish this through arrangements containing parts for both the complete beginner and the more experienced musician. The kids in the band write their own lyrics giving them a sense accomplishment and ownership in the music they play.

Jr. Rockerz reverses the educational process by making a rock band a child’s introduction to music and private lessons a destination.

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