Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons

Whether you are a beginner or the most advanced student. Whatever music inspires you— blues, rock, metal, or country— they are dedicated to learning the rhythmic language of drumming. 

Let’s make drum lessons fun for your child. Easy to schedule! Easy for parents! Easy and Fun to Play! That’s how drum lessons should be for students.

Our drum professors can challenge any percussion student with a wide variety of fun technical exercises. Exercises designed to improve any student’s drumming skills from flams and  paradiddles, to rudiments, and beyond.

At the Columbia Rock School we know that when we make performing fun, and interactive, learning the drums is a lot easier. And when music is inspiring, students want to play their instrument and won’t see it as a chore. We want to take the word “practice” out of our parents’ and students’ vocabulary. You play soccer and basketball. Why can’t you “play” the drums?

Always aiming to have happy learners the student decides which drum part they wish to master first. Your learning is taught by drum instructors that are professional working musicians. Capable of teaching your child the drums in a fun creative way. Your student can bring in songs they want to learn.

The Columbia Rock Schools drumming program is available for those wanting to start from as young as 5 years old. And we have band programs that your young student can start right away.


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